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The installation of an in-line quenching process can produce steel reinforcing bars with high and very stable yield strength around 500N/mm Sq.

This TMT (Thermo-mechanical treatment) process exposes the bar to an intense cooling after the last rolling pass, providing excellent strength combined with good toughness, hardening of the surface layer and subsequent tempering by residual heat flowing from the core. The fast cooling of the core leads to a very fine ferritic – pearlitic structure. Hence the mechanical properties required by several technical standards like ABNT, BSI, AFNOR, JIS, DIN, etc. regarding high strength bars may safely reach, even for analysis levels which normally apply to low resistance material only, as follows:

C         :0.20 to 0.30%
Si         :0.10 to 0.30%
Mn       :0.60 to 0.90%
Ceq      :0.30 to 0.50%

Thus High strength material may be produced combined with weld ability characteristics.
(C= 0.24, Ceq = 48%)

structure mill  

Section cum Structure mills with Rolls 250 to 750 mm diameter are employed for the production of rounds and squares from 8 to 150mm in size, Beams and Channels from 50 to 300 mm in depth, Angles from 20 x 20 to 200 x 200 mm in size and other section. In accordance with the size of section they accommodate, these mills are often further classified as heavy-section mills with Rolls from 500 to 750 mm diameter, medium-section mills with  350 to 500 mm diameter rolls, and light-section mills in which the rolls are from 250 to 350 mm in diameter.


Rods usually rounds from 5.5 to 9 mm and TMT Bars from 8 to 40 mm in diameter are produced in bar and rod Mill.

Three types of mills are employed in rolling rods: Open Train, Semi-Continuous and Continuous. The selection of the layout in any case depends upon the tonnage required, the volume of production and the required quality of the finished product and their rolling speeds which reaches 30m/sec. and even higher.

The continuous rod mill consists of Roughing mill train, first intermediate mill train, second intermediate mill train and finishing mill train with D.C. drive.

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